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Topics: (Not Limited to below topics)
Communication Network:
Ad-Hoc, Mobile, Wireless Networks and Mobile Computings Quantum Computing, Coding, and Error Controls Agent Computings & Multi-Agents Systems Defining Spectrum Rights and Open Spectrum Solutions Quality of Services and Communication Protocols Satelite and Optical Communication Systems 3G/4G Network Evolutions CDMA/GSM Communication Protocols Mobile Computing for e-Commerces Any topics related Computer Networks.

Information Security:
Cryptography and Foundation of Computer Security Authentication/Authorization Issues Any topics related PKI(Public Key Intrastructures) IDS/Firewall, Anti-Spam mail, Anti-virus issues Wireless Access Security Network Security Applications Biometric authentication and algorithms.Fingerprint /Hand/Biometrics Recognitions and Technologies IC-card Security, OTP, and Key Management Issues E-comerce, Ubiquitous, RFID, Applications Any topics related ISO SC-27 and SC-17 standards
Theory of Parallel Processings and Distributed Computings Foundations of High-performance Computings Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Analysis of Algorithms Artifial Intelligences(A.I.) & Pattern/Image Recognitions Neural Networks and Biomedical Simulations Virtual Visions, 3-D Object Retrievals, & Virtual Simulations Data Minings, Web Image Minings, & Applications Data Base(D.B.) Management & Information Retrievals All topics related Image/Signal Processings.

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